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What's The book/speaking club?

What will the course give you?

1) A ZOOM / Google MEET Speaking Club - is an international English Language practice group from all over the world open 24/7 for you. You will become more confident speaking English on various topics and have deep conversations with other people from all over the world.

2) An audio-book every Monday I will send you an Audio-book to read. all the material is exclusively created and designed by Nab, (you won't find it anywhere).

3) A Zoom / Google meet meeting every Wednesday at 6 pm (CET). We will talk about the book of the week. You will meet Nab in person and ask him any questions about anything that comes to your mind.

4) A live master class every month. Every month, we will be together in a profound and transformative masterclass to give you the right tools so you can build a better version of yourself. The live class will be focused on self-development, growth mindset, communication skills, Grammar, Vocabulary and so on.

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Join a Global group of English speakers open 24/7 through ZOOM.

A ZOOM Speaking Club - is an international English Language practice group from all over the world open 24/7 through ZOOM.​
You will meet people from different nationalities. We offer & organize lots of fun activities to speak and to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere. Every month we invite native English speakers from different countries, so that you can get used to different accents, intonation, and vocabulary.​
All our activities are to help and to allow you to practice and build your confidence and communication skills as well as your listening and speaking skills without having boring English grammar classes.​
A Private and Exclusive Telegram Group. It is a safe place to connect with people from all over the world, practice your English, and open yourself up to different cultures.​

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Speaking club


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