Speak like a real native English speaker,
even if you don't speak English every day.

150+ Slang and Expressions: the most complete, practical,
and easy way to speak and understand the everyday language
of real-life native speakers.

That's Andrea's story,
but it could be yours.

Andrea attended English classes for more than three years in a row.

She studied the grammar rules, the formalities, the subtle differences between look at and watch. She can produce lovely coherent sentences, especially in writing activities.

One day, Andrea had the chance to travel to N.Y.
Her mom finally took her out of the classroom and away from the textbooks to see her daughter practice everything she learned at English school.

As soon as Andrea stepped into the U.S. she encountered a world of language that broke all the rules she knew.

In advertising, T.V., and conversation, the language Americans spoke became far less structured than the dialogues she practiced in the textbooks.

Unfortunately, Andrea didn’t have the chance to learn and understand slang, expressions, and informal speech. Her teacher had never taught her about this whole different world, with no rules, and full of colloquialism and pop culture.

If so, it had saved her a whole lot of confusion and frustration.

Can I replace Andrea's name with yours?

Now, let's talk about
YOUR story.

We all know how much hard work you have put into improving your English.
You have taken English classes for a few years, but…
When watching movies or listening to your favorite songs, you must turn on the subtitles or read the lyrics to understand what they say.
It sounds like they are speaking another language, not the English language you learned at school.
I know what happens next.
You get frustrated. You doubt yourself and your ability to understand, thus, speak English.
Believe me. You are not the only one.
It happens with all non-native English learners. No exception!
Have you asked yourself why it happens?
Here are three reasons:

Because slang and expressions are part of the day-to-day vocabulary used by native speakers, you must learn and get used to them if you want to speak and understand English at a native level.

Reasons Why English Slang Words Will Make You Fluent

Native speakers use slang & expressions in everyday conversation

If you plan to speak with native speakers, then you have to learn slang words and phrases.
Using formal expressions and grammar may alienate you from native speakers and make it more difficult to establish a real connection.

Slang words are used throughout English culture

If you turn on any popular English T.V. show, listen to any song, or watch any movie, you will quickly see the value of learning English slang phrases. Without some knowledge of the more common slang, popular culture and conversations will be confusing and potentially poor.

Slang expressions help you better express your thoughts and feelings

Only relying on formal grammar and vocabulary is very limiting, especially in social situations. Just like in your native language, using the appropriate English slang words and expressions can help you express a broader range of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Proper use of slang makes you sound more natural

We've all met foreigners who technically used formal language correctly but still sounded odd and, well….foreign. But when you use the right slang words and expressions, you will sound more natural and like a true native speaker.

How can you use slang and expressions to sound like a native without the risk of looking foolish or disrespectful?

After all, you don't want to use the wrong slang.

On the Slang World course, Nab provides 150+ Slangs and Expressions with context and examples from movies and T.V. series to make sure you understand the right time and place to use them.

What exactly are you going to learn?

The slangs are divided into 6 sections to give you plenty of vocabulary to use in different situations:

This is what you'll get access to:

Video lessons covering 150+ Slang and Expressions
350+ movies and series clips with the slangs and expressions in different contexts
eBook (PDF) with the transcription of all slangs and expressions covered in the course
6 quizzes and 1 final test to assess your understanding and memory

reasons why you should take
the Slang World course:

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