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Have you asked yourself why you don't feel confident Speaking, even after years of studying English?


You might know everything about grammar and have an extensive vocabulary, but if you feel shy and afraid of making mistakes, then your problem is not English but self-confidence.

You might know English and feel confident speaking, but if you have no one to practice with, then you will not evolve and can even forget the things you learned.

You already know all the opportunities you can access through English, don't you? I will remind you that the best jobs, the highest salaries, top universities, the main knowledge sources, and the most famous movies and songs are in English.

You already know that not being able to speak English is holding you back from all of these opportunities. And, deep inside, you feel: IT’S NOT FAIR TO BE LEFT BEHIND!

English has the potential to generate personal and professional opportunities, expand your horizons in today's interconnected world, and give you the freedom to live your best life!

The good news is that you don't need another English course, but an integrative approach and immersive experience that gives you all the tools you need to unlock your full English potential.

This is what Nab Academy is about:

An effective method to speed up your English, learn actively, and never forget

A life coach training to build your confidence and improve your communication skills

A Global community where you can connect, practice, and get feedback

What is...

Find out why Nab Academy is different than everything you have ever seen.

It's not just 1 thing, but 3 key elements to speak fluently and confidently:

Get English fluency and accuracy in a faster and more natural way

Raise your confidence while improving your communication skills

Practice, on a daily basis a telegram group where you can meet international friends

"I've thought about everything and covered all the bases to have your back.”

So, let's go a bit deeper into each of the pillars of Nab Academy!

ByWay English Course - a shortcut to fluency

Get guidance, feedback, and the results of 3 years in 1!

The ByWay Method is Nab's way of teaching English.

It's a method of learning "real-life English" in a natural way that was developed by Nab for 13 years as an English teacher and as a lifetime learner of 4 other languages.

The ByWay English Course is a shortcut for fluency to speed up your results and give you 3 years of learning in just few months.

You will have a life time access to the course with more than 200 HOURS of videos, quizzes, and over 1,200 pages of online books. All the material is exclusively created and designed by Nab Academy, (you won't find it anywhere else). Nab will join you sometimes and the other members in our monthly live sessions to teach you the essential aspects of the English language.

Coach you how to learn, so you get the freedom you want and the results you deserve.​

Show you the most important aspects of English; then, you can focus on your priorities.

Teach you real-life English, so you can understand native speakers and speak naturally.

Best-Self Masterclass - a pathway to the best version of yourself.

Believe: you are good enough! Remember: there's always room for improvement.
Self-growth & Communication skills course.

You can master the language, know all the rules, have perfect grammar and a wide vocabulary. But, if you're not able to express yourself clearly, then your problem might not be the language itself.

It might be a lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes, getting nervous, and going blank.

As a Life Coach, my mission goes beyond English.

The Best-Self Masterclass is a self-development training online course, and the best way I found to support you in improving your communication skills, overcoming your insecurities, and boosting your self-confidence. The 12 videos focus on: public speaking, interview skills, body language, and different techniques for better self-expression.

365 telegram group

Talk to people worldwide, 365 days per year.

Telegram group where you can get more material.

The Nab Global Community will have access to the exclusive Nab Academy platform and a private Telegram Group. A safe place to connect with people from all over the world, to practice your English, and to open yourself up to different cultures.

Nab will be active and in touch with the students. They'll be providing different topics, challenges, and feedback. Expect tons of encouragement.

To make it easier, let me summarize what you will get

All the lessons are developed to guide you through what you really need to level up your English and speed up your fluency.

Don't get lost, bored, or overwhelmed anymore.

A 24/7 telegram to practice with people worldwide

No more "no one to practice with"!

12 Masterclasses focused on mindset, communication skills, and confidence.

Enough of fear, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

dozens of e-books with supportive materials to enhance your learning experience.

No more useless homework and boring and repetitive exercises.

Feedback from Nab, so you can work on your mistakes and check your progress.

Stop that feeling of not knowing if you're doing it right.

How much do I need to invest?

At this time, you have already realized that being part of the Nab Academy is an unprecedented value and unique experience. And, you're probably asking yourself how much all of this will cost.

We could easily charge $ 1,996 for these solutions that "cover all the bases" … and still would be a very reasonable price...

The ByWay English Course - a shortcut to fluency to teach you what really matters = $ 1,200

The Best-Self Masterclass - a self-development course to build confidence and mindset= $ 697

365 Telegram Club - a place to practice English and connect to people worldwide. = $ 99

… BUT this price isn’t going to be anywhere near that high!!

My intention is to help out as many people as possible to level up their English (even though there will be limited spots, so we can provide great support to our community).

At the same time, we want to bring people like you together. People who want a clear study path and are ready to work hard while connecting and sharing with a supportive community.

My mission goes beyond English. Through our life coach training course, I want to help you to overcome more than just the language barrier.

For those reasons, I prepared an amazing and unique offer!

So, if you want to take a shortcut after so many years of studying with only poor results to show for it, and be part of a unique community while developing your communications skills and boosting your self-confidence, your chance is NOW!

ByWay + Best-Self + 365 Club


U$ 1,996


$ 249

(one-time value with a huge discount)

The doors to the Nab Academy will close in:


Meet Nab

I've been an American English Coach for more than 12 years. The English language gave me the freedom to live and work in Spain, France, Turkey, Morocco… and to travel to more than 40 countries.

My love of cross-cultural living and the rewarding experiences I’ve had as both a language student and ESL tutor have led me to successfully share my language and experiences with many students from all over the world, and more than 1.2 million “fellows" on social media.

I am easily inspired and love to find ways to improve learning for my students using a variety of strategies and ideas. Because I teach from the HEART, not from the book.


  • Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1) students of English that want to brush up their English skills and take it to the next level.
  • Students who understand that mastering a language is a process that takes time and demands practice. They are ready to work hard and see great results.
  • Students who want a clear path and an efficient method to speed up their English skills and results.
  • Students who want to make foreign friends and practice English, and get feedback and support from their peers and the teacher.
  • Beginner (A1) and Elementary (A2) English learners.
  • Students who believe learning a language doesn’t require practice and don’t want to put in the time needed to study and practice.
  • Students who think there is a quick path to fluency and believe in “magical pills.”
  • Students who don’t want to commit to their learning journeys or don’t want to leave their comfort zone.
  1. An English course focused on the most important aspects of the learning process:
  2. The English course is based on the ByWay method, a method developed by Nab that focuses on implicit learning (70%) and explicit learning (30%), the right balance between Fluency and Accuracy, and the “real life” English (the language spoken in daily life, not the one presented in books and out-of-touch with reality).
  3. The English lessons will be delivered in weekly live sessions during the 52-week program when Nab will teach and answer the student’s questions. The classes will be recorded and available on the platform. So, students that cannot attend the live sessions can watch it later, and the students that attend the live session can review the lesson.
  4. During the week, Nab will provide additional materials, challenges, and activities related to that weeks’ class. The students will be encouraged to share in the Nab Global Community, so they can learn with each other, give and provide feedback, and support each other in the learning process. Nab will give feedback to students.
  5. A secret, private, and exclusive Facebook group. So, students can record videos to practice speaking, develop their communication skills, and build confidence. In this group, there will be different topics for students to share their ideas and connect with people from all over the world.
  6. A complete mindset and life coach training (Best-Self Masterclass) to help students develop their growth mindset, build self-confidence, and improve their effective communication. Every month, Nab will deliver a Masterclass on a live session for students, totaling 12 Masterclasses. The masterclasses will be recorded and available to students to watch as many times they want.
  7. The English classes and the Mindset masterclasses will take place from January to December of 2021. As soon as you join the Nab Academy, you will get access to the calendar of the live sessions that will start in the first week of January.
  8. During December 2020, there will be activities in the Nab Global Community. So, you can start getting to know each other and building the spirit of this global community that will be together during the whole year of 2021.

-Lifetime access to:

ByWay + Best-Self

-One year access to:

365 Club + Nab Community

Live session will take around 1 hour.

Nab and Gemma will explain  concepts, providing examples,  and answering all the questions to ensure that everyone understands.

Attending the live sessions is an excellent opportunity to be with us.

However, we understand that everyone has their personal lives, might live in different time zones, and are not always available to attend the live sessions.

For that reason, all sessions will be recorded and available in the Nab Academy. So, you can watch it whenever is more convenient for you and can replay as much as you want.

On the Nab Academy platform (www.nabacademy.com). Once you join the Nab Academy, you will receive an email to access the Members’ area. Over there, you will watch the live sessions, have access to the recorded videos, get the extra materials and activities, chat with the community, ask questions, and so on. The link to access the secret Telegram Group will also be available on the Nab Academy platform.

Every week, Nab and Gemma will give students activities that include recording videos and sharing on Telegram group. This is very important for you to develop your speaking, your communication skills, and build your confidence.

The ByWay English Course was developed for those who want to develop and accelerate the English learning process. It includes pronunciation lessons, accent reduction, phonology, grammar, vocabulary, common mistakes, confusing words, expressions, idioms, slang… and the English that is spoken in “real life.”

Your dedication, commitment, and practice will determine your fluency level at the end of the course.

You can pay by credit card or with a PayPal account; otherwise get in touch with us.


the Nab Academy worth  $3,855, and it’s being offered by $599.

If you think it is too expensive, even with this special offer, maybe it’s not the right solution for you, or you are not so committed to your improvement and results.

Do you still have questions and want to clarify before you enroll?

Talk to my team.

Customer service by WhatsApp

Send a text with your doubt to:
+34 671 348 962


Send an email to: nab@englishwithnab.com

Get your spot in the Nab Academy

ByWay + Best-Self + 365 Club


U$ 249

(one-time value with a huge discount)